Rupin Pass Trek

7 Days

Rupin Pass trek is challenging Himalyan adventure. It spans 8-10 days, offering stunning views, river crossings, and lush forests, making it a thrillin7gs experience for trekkers.

Discovering Rupin Pass: A Trekker's Paradise.

The Rupin Pass trek is a thrilling Himalayan expedition that covers around 50 kilometers. It begins in the quaint village of Dhaula and culminates at the mesmerizing Rupin Pass, situated at an elevation of approximately 15,250 feet. Along the journey, trekkers encounter diverse landscapes, from lush forests to rocky terrains and snowfields. The route includes challenging river crossings over wooden bridges, adding an extra layer of excitement. The trek also provides a unique cultural experience as it passes through remote villages inhabited by the indigenous Kinnauri people. The stunning views of the Kinnaur and Uttarakhand valleys, coupled with the pristine beauty of the Rupin River, make this adventure a memorable and rewarding one for trekkers seeking both natural beauty and adrenaline-pumping challenges.


Unforgettable Highlights of Rupin Pass Trek

  • Scenic Diversity
  • Rupin River
  • Kinnauri Villages
  • Rupin Pass Summit
  • Snowfields
  • Challenging Terrain
  • Camping
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Memorable Cultural Exchange

Rupin Pass trek Itinerary: Your Adventure Day by Day

Your Rupin Pass adventure begins as you arrive in the charming village of Bawta, your gateway to this exhilarating trek.
While in Bawta, you can explore this scenic village and soak in the local culture. Visit the quaint houses, interact with the friendly residents, and perhaps enjoy a traditional meal.

Start your trek from Bawta.
- Hike through lush forests and quaint villages.
- Reach the scenic village of Jakha.
- Overnight camping in Jakha, nestled in the Himalayan wilderness.

What's covered in your Rupin Pass trek package

Included costs

  • Accommodation
  • Veg Meal
  • Trek Equipment
  • Qualified and Experienced Trek Leader, Guide
  • Camping

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Rupin Pass Trek
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